BRS all set for a landslide victory in ensuing assembly polls: Mission Telangana’s opinion poll

The BRS Party is all set for a landslide victory in the forthcoming Telangana Assembly Elections. An opinion poll conducted by the ‘Mission Telangana’ revealed that the people of Telangana are firmly with CM KCR. The poll was conducted between September 15 to October 10, 2023 with a sample size of 250 per constituency.

The opinion poll clearly indicated that the people are in no mood to change the government and are rallying behind the BRS. The development taken place in Telangana in the last 10 years and novel welfare schemes are the major factors for the pro-incumbency. The welfare initiatives of KCR government are touching every house and a big success. Though there is some anti-incumbency against some of the sitting MLAs, CM KCR’s able leadership and stable governance are filling up the gap. 

This survey was conducted before the release of the BRS Manifesto and things might become more favorable for the BRS as the elections approach. According to our poll, the BRS Party is projected to win 80±3 seats with a vote share of 42.2% and the Congress might win around 22 seats by polling 31.6% votes. The AIMIM will retain its 7 seats with 2.9% vote share and BJP is at distant fourth with 5±1 seats with 12.3% votes. Notably, Congress rebels and others might win up to 5 seats.

Here are some of the major observations made during the survey 

  • BRS Party’s schemes are quite popular among voters and a general feeling that the state is on a development path is clearly visible. 
  • A section of the youth are against the government. However, 18-35 age group votes are going to split amongst three parties
  • Majority of the women are with BRS. 
  • There is anti-incumbency against some sitting MLAs. However, KCR’s image might cover up the gap. 
  • BRS is losing a vote share of around 4% from the 2018 elections. This might dent the winning margins of some BRS candidates
  • Rise of BJP is clearly visible, especially first time voters are rallying behind BJP. Disappointment with change in BJP leadership might have an impact
  • BRS might win 3-4 more seats in Khammam compared to 2018.