Centre ill  treating the states, Minister S Niranjan Reddy: 

Agriculture minister S Niranjan Reddy accused the central government of ill treating democratically elected states and discriminating.
The centre feels that the states are at its mercy and is not bothered to address the problems facing the states.
When the issues such as MSP, ports. Exports, godowns are in the hands of the centre, it is refusing to address the problems of farmers of Telangana which is very unfortunate. The centre that claims it is spending 60 to 70 thousand cores importing cooking oil has never made any effort to encourage old farm cultivation in the country.
The centre that promised to be more federal failed to live upto it.
Mr Niranjan Reddy said they would continue to procure paddy this time and encourage old farm cultivation in the state by next year to an extent of six to seven lakh acres.
He said the centre should mend its way of treating the states and see all states equally unlike what it did in flood management in Gujarat and Telangana.

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