BJP Central Government says no free power to farmers, minister KTR

The BJP government  led by Mr Modi is insisting state govermnets on fixing motors to farmers fields. If not, the Centre would block all development and funds to states not heeding his dictate. The TRS chief minister Mr KCR who spent about Rs 28,000 crore for irrigation projects in Mahabubnagar said he would die rather than burden farmers.  KCR refused to charge farmers and stop free power saying that he will not do so as long as he is alive.
Not a single rupee is given by the central government to irrigation projects here in Mahabubnagar district. Mr KTR said they have asked for two railway lines but there was no reply for years. The BJP leader Mr Amith Shah who is to visit this district made his government’s intentions clear, he said. Despite repeated requests for national status for Palamuru Ranga Reddy and Kaleswaram projects, the centre is tight lipped. Whereas they gave national status projects in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.
Why the discrimination against Telangana? Mr KTR sought to know. Mr Modi’s government says it will refuse to give Rs 25,000 crore if Telangana government fails to fix meters to motors by farmers. But CM KCR did not bother at all. Mr KTR also observed that it was Mr Modi who is taxing the weaver community in the country. When the TRS government is trying to bring them out from the distress, the BJP government is imposing taxes on weaver community.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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