BJP and Congress parties face candidate crisis

With the Assembly elections in Telangana nearing, both the BJP and Congress parties are facing hardship in finding competent candidates in all the 119 Assembly seats in the state. Both parties have waited in vain for the BRS to announce its list first. They expected that there would be discontent among the leaders within BRS and they would join either Congress or BJP. But that did not happen.

Shocked at the sudden announcement of BRS candidates by the party president K Chandrashekhar Rao, both the parties bought time in the name of calling for applications from the aspirants. Even after that exercise is over, they are again passing the time in the name of selection exercise, reviews, gathering opinions and talking to many contenders which all came to be farcical. The BJP lost deposits in 105 assembly seats in 2018 and is likely to face the same fate once again.

The Congress party put up a grand show in the name of conducting the screening committee meetings but nothing came forthwith. The TPCC leaders rushed to New Delhi with the list and nothing happened even after. Though the Congress leaders are vowing to defeat the formidable BRS, indeed they are fighting within the party pulling each other’s legs.

A group of OBC leaders are opposing the TPCC decisions demanding at least two Assembly seats in the 17 Parliamentary constituencies. As the TPCC lacked the power to make a decision, they rushed to New Delhi to meet the party’s high command but they waited for the top leadership for an appointment.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao