BJP and Congress conspiring to privatize Singareni through mines auction: KTR

BRS Working President KTR accused both the BJP and Congress, in their respective central and state governments, of undermining Singareni by opting to auction coal mines in Telangana instead of allocating them directly to Singareni. Today, during a media conference at Telangana Bhavan, KTR criticized the Congress state government for participating in the mine auctions instead of demanding direct allocation to Singareni.

The Central Government is auctioning more than 60 mines in the country, including Singareni, starting tomorrow. The state government’s participation in the auction contradicts their previous stance of opposing the auction and seeking direct allocation from the Central Government to Singareni, KTR said. He also reminded the public that the present Chief Minister, then PCC President, had written a letter to the Central Government asking for the cancellation of the Singareni mines auction and requested direct allocation to Singareni.

KTR questioned Chief Minister Revanth Reddy’s silence over the Central Government’s auction of mines in the Singareni area. KTR doubted the present Chief Minister’s silence on this issue, considering his previous opposition when he was not in power. KTR said that their party and their government have stalled the auctioning of coal mines in the Singareni area for the past nine years to safeguard Singareni’s future.

With 16 MPs, neighboring state’s Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is trying to halt the privatization of Vizag Steel Plant and safeguarding their state’s interests. In contrast, the 16 elected MPs from Telangana, both from Congress and BJP, remain silent despite the Central Government’s attempt to harm the state’s prospects through the mines auction.

KTR demanded that all MPs and the two central ministers from Telangana should immediately work to cancel the Singareni mines auction. He also accused the central ministers from Telangana of harming the state’s interests by remaining silent on this matter.

KTR stated that the same Central Government made the Vizag Steel Plant incur losses by not allocating dedicated mines. He accused the BJP-led Central Government and the Congress-led state government of conspiring to privatize Singareni in the long run. KTR referred to past actions of the Central Government in allocating mines to Gujarat state undertakings like Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation and allotting lignite mines to public sector undertakings. He questioned why Singareni could not receive similar treatment.

KTR accused both national parties of conspiring to damage the prospects of Telangana State since they won the Lok Sabha elections, leaving no voice to safeguard the state. He warned that Congress and BJP should stop the auction of mining or participating in the auction and allocate the mines directly to Singareni. KTR also said that even if companies participate in the auction and get the mining rights, the BRS would cancel the leases once they come into power after four and a half years. KTR assured that BRS would try to safeguard Singareni and its future by taking direct action against the Central Government’s move to auction Singareni mines.