Bitter-tongued BJP MP Mr D Aravind faces the ire of people.


The BJP MP Mr D Aravind faced embarrassing moments when trying to visit Erdandi village in Jagitial. People protested his visit and shouted slogans `Aravind Go Back’.

Those accompanying the MP tried to stall the people and in the melee, the glass panes of Aravind’s car were damaged.

The people sought to know why he came after the flood situation subsided. Where did he go when people suffered on account of rains.

They wanted to know why he failed to solve their land issue in the village in survey number 104.

Meanwhile, when he tried to visit Velpur village in Nizamabad, scores of women squatted on the road with cooking gas cylinders and shouted slogans “Aravind should not come here’. They said they got double bedrooms and their minister Mr V Prashanth Reddy was with them through thick and thin.

Mr Aravind always spews venom at Mr KCR without any regard for his age and work. He uses vulgar language against chief minister MR KCR and other TRS leaders.

People are unable to digest his way of speaking and criticising the TRS leader, particularly Mr KCR.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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