Annaram barrage is safe: Expert team concludes after inspection

A state team of grouting, mechanical, and design experts conducted a thorough inspection of the Annaram and Medigadda barrages, integral components of the Kaleshwaram project in Jayashankar Bhupalapally district. The team, consisting of Barrage grouting expert Vijay T Desai, technical expert Satyanarayana, design expert Rajasekhar, irrigation head Anilkumar, dam safety organization CEO Pramila, SE Srinivas, DE Dayakar Reddy, and others, examined the barrages.

The inspection began with a focus on the Annaram Barrage, where the team investigated seepages and inquired about the grouting process. EE Yadagiri provided detailed explanations regarding the seepages, grouting methods, and the chemicals used. The construction company Apcons disclosed that polyurethane chemical was airlifted from Himachal Pradesh by helicopter for the grouting process. Seepages initially occurred at outlets 38 and 28, and subsequent grouting successfully addressed these issues.

Experts examined the entire structure, including upstream and downstream areas, pillars, and seepages, concluding that the seepages were normal and manageable through grouting. They emphasized that there is no imminent danger to the pillars, and the barrage is structurally sound. While experts suggested draining the water from the barrage before completing the investigation work, they also recommended an immediate start to the investigation, which has been entrusted to the Parsons company.

In the case of Annaram Barrage, the experts emphasized that with careful monitoring and timely intervention, any potential issues can be mitigated, and the barrage can be secured.