All arrangements in place for counting of votes in Telangana

The officials have made all arrangements for counting the votes of the Telangana assembly elections to be held on December 3. Election commissioner Vikas Raj said the counting would begin at 8 am and will take place in 49 centres across the state.

Over 75 per cent of polling was registered in 79 assembly constituencies. First, the counting of postal ballots will take place followed by electronic voting machines (EVMs). There will be 14 tables for each constituency and if it a very big constituency more tables will be arranged.

According to election commission officials, each constituency will have 14 tables and all put together are 1,799 in the state and for six constituencies there will be 28 tables. As many as 1.80 lakh people utilised the postal ballots. There are a total of 2,290 candidates in the fray for the 119 assembly constituencies of them 221 are women.

A total of 71.34 per cent of polling was recorded in the Telangana state.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao