After ditching the ally BRS, the Left parties now crying foul in Telangana

The CPI and CPI (M) leaders who huddled on Tuesday, came out after a brainstorming session and cried foul against the CM Mr KCR for ignoring them before releasing the list of his party candidates for the ensuing elections. They accused Mr KCR of ditching them but in fact, it was the Left that ditched him. They tried to act smart by allying with the opposition alliance in New Delhi while trying to make a political gain in Telangana state.

It may be noted that it was Mr KCR who extended a friendly hand to the Left party leaders before the Munugode elections as they too were against the BJP. Since they shared the same sentiment, Mr KCR took them into confidence and promised to work with them further. He even invited them to the Kanti Velugu public meeting at Khammam on several occasions thus giving importance to them.

However, the parties lacked consistency and coordination between state and national units. Mr KCR has made it clear umpteen times that his party is at equidistance with both BJP and Congress. He floated the BRS party deciding to play a key role in national politics. All this while, the local CPI and CPI (M) leaders maintained a strategic silence to guard their self-interests and hoodwink the BRS party.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao