ACB apprehends Minister Seethakka’s close aide, sub-registrar Taslima 

Sub-registrar Taslima Mohammad of Mahabubabad was apprehended by officials from the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on Friday, caught red-handed while accepting a bribe. The incident unfolded when Gundakani Harish, a resident of Datla village in Dattapalli mandal of Mahabubabad district, sought to register his 128-yard plot earlier this month. Upon Taslima Mohammad’s recommendation, Harish engaged the office’s outsourcing employee, Aleti Venkatesh, to facilitate the registration process.

Despite the government-set price of Rs. 100 per yard, Venkatesh insisted on Rs. 200 per yard for the registration. Faced with this demand, Harish returned to the sub-registrar, who then stipulated that the registration would only proceed if the total amount of Rs. 19,200 is paid. Sensing foul play, Harish promptly alerted the Warangal ACB officials and cooperated with them in setting up a sting operation.

On the agreed-upon day, Harish visited the office and handed over the bribe money to Sub-Registrar Taslima, as instructed. However, ACB officials intervened and caught Taslima Mohammad and Venkatesh in the act. Notably, Venkatesh was found in possession not only of the bribe amount of Rs. 19,200 but also an additional Rs. 1.72 lakh, the source of which remains undisclosed.

Following the sting operation, searches were conducted in the office premises, and ACB DSP Sambaiah confirmed that a case would be filed against Taslima Mohammad and Venkatesh, with both individuals to be presented before the court.

Taslima Mohammad, who had portrayed herself as a champion of public service while engaging in corrupt practices, previously served as a sub-registrar in Mulugu district for 12 years before her transfer to Mahbubabad last year. Her purported altruistic activities, including agricultural work and charitable acts, were revealed to be a facade in light of the recent ACB raids.