66.30 lakh applications, 4.16 lakh Indiramma houses: How will Congress govt identify beneficiaries?

The selection of beneficiaries for Indiramma houses presents a significant challenge for the Congress government. With a plan to allocate 3,500 houses per constituency this year, totaling 4.16 lakh houses across the state, the government faces a daunting task as applications have surged. 

Originally, 66.30 lakh people applied for Indiramma houses, but this number has increased to over 80 lakhs because people who applied for other welfare schemes have also applied for the housing scheme. Additionally, 14.75 lakh previous beneficiaries who have availed Indiramma houses have also reapplied, further complicating the process.

To address this, initial filters have been applied, narrowing down the pool to just 66.30 lakh applications. However, with only 4.16 lakh houses sanctioned for the first year and a projected 20 lakh over the next five years, demand far exceeds supply. To mitigate potential backlash, officials are implementing stringent criteria to reduce the applicant pool.

Among the key considerations is the eligibility requirement that applicants must not own houses with RCC roofs. Furthermore, only those with white ration cards will be considered. Officials are diligently verifying the authenticity of ration card details to weed out inaccuracies.

In a notable shift, the government also plans to prioritize applicants who own land, while also exploring options to allocate land to deserving individuals lacking property. However, for the initial phase, those without land will not be considered.

Overall, the government is facing the complex task of identifying the beneficiaries for this scheme.