40 Crores recovered from Chiranjeevi’s daughter’s house

What’s common between all anti-Telangana leaders? They are corrupt to the core! This was proved yet again when Income Tax sleuths raided actor-turned politician Chiranjeevi’s daughter Supriya’s house in Chennai on Friday.

About 40 crores worth cash and other valuables were recovered from Supriya’s house in this raid. This is one of the biggest confiscations in the history of Indian income tax department.

The IT department released a formal statement today in which the department mentioned that “Cash was found neatly packed in 35 carton boxes with each containing Rs. 1 crore in denominations of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000”. Promissory notes worth another 4 crores was also recovered in the raid. IT Department statement says they have recovered several “incriminating documents” in the raid. We have to wait and watch what those “incriminating documents” are.

There were allegations that Chiranjeevi and his brother-in-law Allu Aravind made a lot of money by selling Praja Rajyam party tickets in 2009 elections.

After failing to make an impact on state politics, Chiranjeevi merged his PRP with Congress and is currently serving as a Rajya Sabha MP.

There are rumors that Chiranjeevi received a huge financial package in return to merging his party with Congress. Whatever may be the truth, the IT raid on Suprya’s house and recovery of huge cash chest proves that there are skeletons in Chiranjeevi’s cupboard.

Dishonest leaders like Chiranjeevi obviously support a United Andhra Pradesh, because they fear that the formation of Telangana state would expose all such ill-gotten wealth.

People of Telangana can never forget how this screen hero cheated the people of this region. After supporting the Telangana statehood cause in 2009 elections, Chiranjeevi took a U-turn as soon as the Union Home Minister made a statement initiating the formation of Telangana on December 9th 2009. Chiranjeevi then went on to support the anti-Telangana “Samaikyandhra movement”.

Since then, Chiranjeevi has become villian in the eyes of Telangana people.

See the IT Department statement below:

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