Weavers’ suicides are government killings: KTR writes open letter to CM Revanth

Weavers’ suicides are government Killings: KTR writes open letter to CM Revanth

In a scathing open letter addressed to the Chief Minister, BRS Working President KT Rama Rao (KTR) has accused the government of being responsible for the deaths of weavers who have committed suicide due to lack of employment. He demands immediate action and support for the affected families. 

KTR highlights the grim reality faced by the weaver community, stating that ten weavers have taken their lives in recent times. He asserts that these are not mere suicides but are government-induced deaths due to the administration’s neglect and vindictive policies against the initiatives started by the previous government.

KTR’s letter demands that an ex-gratia payment of ₹25 lakh be provided to the families of the deceased weavers. He criticizes the current government’s failure to continue the welfare schemes and orders initiated by the previous administration, which has resulted in weavers losing their livelihood and facing severe financial distress. He points out that the weaver community in Telangana, which had been thriving during the last decade under the previous government, is now plunged back into crisis reminiscent of the united Andhra Pradesh era due to the current government’s actions. 

KTR recalled his party supremo KCR’s contributions to the weaving community, starting from the early days of the Telangana movement. He highlighted KCR’s efforts, from collecting donations from the public to establishing a ₹50 lakh welfare fund for weavers in Bhudan Pochampally And Sircilla.

KTR lists specific cases of weavers who have committed suicide, including:

– Guggilla Naresh from Khammam (January 20)

– Penti Venkanna from Khammam (March 17)

– Tadaka Srinivas from Sircilla (March 13)

– Siripuram Lakshminarayana from Sircilla (April 7)

– Eega Raju from Sircilla (April 25)

– Adicherla Sai from Sircilla (April 26)

– Ankarapu Mallesham from Sircilla (April 26)

– Chintoju Ramesh from Sircilla (May 23)

– Kudikyala Nagaraju from Sircilla (June 22)

– Venkatesham from Karimnagar (June 16)

KTR criticizes the Congress government for halting beneficial schemes for weavers, leading to widespread unemployment and poverty within the community. He recalls the extensive measures taken by the previous BRS government to support the weavers, such as increasing budgets allocations, assisting for modernizing looms, waiving weaver loans, and providing market linkages. These efforts had rejuvenated the weaving industry, brought financial stability, and halted suicides.

He urges the government to immediately resume and implement the welfare schemes and support programs previously in place, including the Bathukamma saree scheme, power loom subsidies, and orders for school uniforms and festival gifts to boost the weavers’ employment. 

KTR emphasizes that the BRS will continue to fight for the rights and welfare of the weaver community until the government addresses their issues and provides the necessary support.