Warming up to Telangana? Asad keeps all guessing

MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi’s advice to the Telangana youth not to commit suicide, but continue their struggle has triggered speculation that Owaisi was warming up to T-protagonists.

The Hyderabad MP, who ended his party’s ties with the Congress, said he was saddened over the suicide of youngsters for the Telangana cause. Over 700 people have ended their lives since the struggle intensified about three years ago.

Instead of committing suicide they should carry on with their struggle. “It is a democracy. The youth should exercise the right to agitate rather than die,” he said.

Meanwhile, political circles are abuzz with reports of soon-to-be-held meeting between the MIM and TRS chiefs “to discuss the latest developments in the state.” However, both MIM and TRS leaders refused to go on record on the issue.

The reports said that the MIM leader had a telephonic conversation with his TRS counterpart K Chandrasekhar Rao and his son K Taraka Rama Rao after announcing the withdrawal of his support to the Congress and UPA.

Analysts say the MIM per se is not opposed to the creation of Telangana state. In their affidavit to the Srikrishna Committee, the MIM said if T-state is formed, Hyderabad should be made its capital. “This can be interpreted as MIM’s way of coming out in the open and supporting the T cause as and when its suits them strategically,” an analyst said.

Taraka Rama Rao has said, in the past, he had been in contact with Owaisi and exchanged views “on a variety of subjects.” (Times of India)

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