Visalandhra Maha Sabha splits into two

Visalandhra Maha Sabha (VMS), the tiny online organization, that occasionally creates some noise about “Samaikyandhra”, has split vertically into two!

Serious differences have cropped up between the the factions of Parakala Prabhakar and Nalamotu Chakravarthy. Loyalists of Nalamotu Chakravarthy have started a new organization named Visalandhra Samaikya Maha Sabha last week. Detractors of Nalamotu say that the sole purpose of setting up this new organization is to collect donations in the name of Samaikyandhra movement. Both factions are now claiming that they are the original VMS.

Angry exchanges between members of VMS on Facebook reveal that the main reason for the split is differences among Parakala Prabhakar and Nalamotu Chakravarthy, over the huge donations the parent organization has received from abroad.

A founding member of Visalandhra Maha Sabha, wrote on his Facebook profile that amount to the tune of Rs 4.5 Crore was collected from NRIs by Nalamotu Chakravarthy and his associates. It is alleged that Nalamotu Chakravarthy’s team is not revealing how and where the amount was spent.

It is ironic that the same VMS members have repeatedly criticized the Telangana activists about the donations they receive. The latest saga only proves that VMS members were  preaching something, which they themselves don’t practice.

Some VMS members also allege that Nalamotu Chakravarthy’s team is covertly supporting YSR Congress party. A VMS member says Nalamotu’s team approached YSRCP for party tickets in the 2014 elections.

The latest situation in Visalandhra Maha Sabha only proves what happens when opportunistic and insincere people come together to oppose a genuine peoples’ movement.

We have long been saying that such organizations, whose only motto is to continue Seemandhra hegemony over Telangana, will not survive for long.

It is perhaps a poetic justice that the organization, whose stated purpose is unity of Andhra Pradesh, cannot keep a handful of its members united!


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