Unstoppable BRS miles ahead of Congress, BJP in election campaign

The BRS Party is racing ahead in top gear in the campaign for the ensuing Telangana assembly elections. The BJP and the Congress are lagging in this aspect as the candidates are yet to be finalized for all the segments. The nomination process has already begun but still, the opposition parties haven’t commenced their active campaign in the state. 

The scenario is quite contrasting in the BRS, the party president and CM KCR is leading the poll campaign by touring almost three to four assembly segments every day. So far, KCR has covered 35 constituencies in the state. The public meetings conducted by the BRS in these places are drawing huge crowds anywhere between 1 lakh to 1.2 lakhs.

KCR is upping the ante in every meeting with his speeches focusing on the progress and transformation of Telangana in the last 9 years. At the same time, KCR is making scathing attacks on the Congress and the BJP. He is constantly reminding the people how the Congress betrayed Telangana for six decades and how the BJP failed to fulfil the rightful demands of the state. While, the BRS is showcasing the development of Telangana and their vision for the future, the opposition is only dependent on personal abuses and lacks any constructive agenda for the state. 

In total, the Congress party has conducted six public meetings and the BJP could organize only five sabhas in the state. On the other hand, KCR has chalked out a plan to visit all constituencies in the next two weeks. This is in addition to an aggressive campaign led by Ministers KT Rama Rao and Harish Rao. The duo have covered all the districts by actively engaging with the cadre and public. If we put together all these meetings conducted in the last 45 days, the BRS Party score has already crossed 100.

The BRS Party is also miles ahead of its opponents in adopting creative ways to reach out to the people. BRS Working President KTR spoke to numerous news channels, newspapers, FM stations, and YouTube channels. With KTR at the forefront, the party has initiated novel programs to attract voters and they are making the best use of the available platforms for promotion. 

The BRS Working President is giving special interviews to people from all walks of life to reach a wider audience and also utilizing the services of the influencers to propagate the good work done by the Telangana government. The party’s social media wing is effectively complementing these activities and amplifying the campaign. 

While the BRS party has been successful in executing its campaign strategies, the opposition parties are still grappling to match the pace of the BRS.