Two old-time leaders of TRS joined back the party

Former chairman of the Legislative Council Mr Swamy Goud and Dasaju Sravan who left the TRS party long ago have come back to the party fold again. TRS working president Mr KTR welcomed them and said they would be an asset to the party. Mr Sravan an influential and knowledgeable man was at the place all these days. However, it was good that he came to the party fold once again.

Mr Sravan left the TRS party long ago and joined the Congress party. He was the spokesperson there. Recently a few months ago, he left the party and joined the BJP. Resigning from the BJP he said the party resorted to the distribution of money to buy votes much against its values and hence he decided to quit the party.

Mr Swamy Goud said the BJP failed to solve the Krishna river water issue and there was no leader to listen to the problems of Telangana. Hence, he was forced to quit the party and join back the TRS which espoused the cause of a separate Telangana state.

It may be noted that the chief minister and TRS party supremo Mr KCR was aware of the contribution of all leaders to the party and to the cause of separate Telangana. He had been giving political opportunities to one and all. However, sometimes, due to caste and regional equations come in the way and some leaders get the opportunities later than expected.

TRS working president Mr KTR said the party would utilise the services of all leaders and accord due recognition to them in course of time.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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