TTDP Pranahitha-Chevella Drama a damp squib

Photo: Empty chairs greet Telangana TDP leaders in Chevella

The much touted dharna for Pranahitha-Chevella project that the Telangana Telugu Desam party undertook in Chevella yesterday proved that the people of Telangana are in no mood to pardon the party.

TDP leaders have been boasting from past one week that they would mobilize 15,000 people for this dharna, but in the end they could mobilize 150 people.

Further exposing the deep factions within the Telangana TDP forum, only 10 out of the 32 TDP MLAs have attended the meeting.

In fact there were 40 policemen to provide security to the meeting and at one point, the number of policemen was more than the ordinary people. TDP leader Devender Goud, who was shocked at the poor reception was telling his colleagues to end the dharna as soon as possible.

This is perhaps a preview of what is in store for TDP in the upcoming by-elections.

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