TS Set to Redesign Irrigation Projects

By: V. V. Balakrishna

The state government is going ahead with scrapping several irrigation projects and planning new ones as part of its efforts to ‘redesign’ irrigation projects.

Chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao has said that the rulers in the undivided state had devised projects in Telangana in such a manner that they benefit Andhra region. He has made it clear that there is a need of re-engineer the projects.

Rao is now set to entrust the job of redesigning the projects to the Central government organisation Water and Power Consultancy Services (WAPCOS).

As part of redesign, the state government has shelved two irrigation projects – Pranahita-Chevella and Thotapalli projects. As an alternative, the chief minister has suggested other projects and barrages.

Currently, WAPCOS is surveying Pranahita-Chevella.

‘’The job of redesigning all the other projects is yet to be entrusted to WAPCOS by the state government,” an official of WAPCOS told Express.

Though, the concept of redesigning projects has received a lot of flak, it will take a lot of time for redesigning of the projects.

“We do not know how long it will take to utilise the assured waters allocated to Telangana in Godavari and Krishna rivers,” a source in the irrigation department said.

However, the sources confirmed that they were not planning any big irrigation projects on Godavari river.

“The topographical condition of Godavari in Telangana does not permit big dams. Instead, we are planning to construct small barrages and check dams. We have to lift water from Godavari to farmers,” sources said.

Godavari River

  • The state government has shelved Pranahita-Chevella proejct by splitting it into two
  • Thotapalli reservoir in Karimnagar also scrapped
  • A major barrage will be constructed at Medigadda
  • Medigadda barrage to be linked with Yellampalli
  • Proposal to construct two aqueducts across mid-Manair canals
  • Carrying capacity of SRSP to be increased
  • Kanthalapalli project to be redesigned to benefit Devadula
  • Medigadda project to be connected to Nizamsagar and SRSP
  • No major irrigation project to be constructed on Godavari river in TS
  • Small barrage and check-dams to be constructed and water to be lifted to farmers
  • All projects Tummadihatti in Adilabad to Dummugudem in Khammam to be redesigned
  • Preference to be given for diverting water through gravity

Krishna River

  • Palamuru-Rangareddy project to be taken up
  • Reservations on the construction of NSP tail pond

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