TRS bags majority of GPs in the third Phase

The TRS made a clean sweep of sarpanch posts in the three-phase elections to gram panchayats across the State which concluded on Wednesday.

According to initial reports after the third phase, which recorded a voter turnout of 88.03 percent, TRS-backed sarpanch candidates have won in at least 70 to 80 percent of the 12,732-gram panchayats that went to polls.

TRS has continued to maintain dominance in all the three phases of the panchayat elections as the rural electorate demonstrated its unflinching faith in the party.


The voter turnout in the first phase was 85.76 percent and 88.26 percent in the second phase. The overall voter turnout after the third phase was a huge 86.67 percent, sources said.

In the third phase, TRS-supported candidates won 2,108 gram panchayats, as against 768 by Congress-supported candidates. The BJP and TDP won 43 and 11 respectively, while 449 gram panchayats went to others.

In the first phase, elections were notified for 4,479 gram panchayats and 753 of them had unanimous elections. In the second phase, of the 4,235 gram panchayats, elections were declared unanimous for 788 panchayats. In the third phase, elections in 573 of the 4,082 gram panchayats were unanimous.

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