TNF campaigns for Telangana in Parakala

Photo: TNF team that campaigned at Parakala

Telangana Netizens Forum team campaigned in the Parakala assembly constituency on 19th and 20th of May. The team covered villages of Damera and Kothagattu on day one and appealed to the people in these villages to vote for “Telangana vadham”. People in the constituency have welcomed the TNF members with open arms and have showed their warm hospitality.

The TNF team explained to the voters how the Seemandhra paties like Congress, TDP, YSRCP are trying to defame the moment,  and how the Congress leaders are using the statehood sentiment for getting ministries and other posts in the government.

TNF team explained that when regional parties are strengthened,  they can play a vital role in forming the government and compel the central govt to act decisively on the Telangana issue.

The team explained how new states like Chattisgarh and Jharkand were formed in the past. The TNF team also explained how a regional party leader Mamtha Bannerjee is able to get all the demands fulfilled and is making the UPA govt dance on her finger tips.

The message that was conveyed during the campaign was to elect a single regional party to get our demand honored. Voters were also explained that if Telangana is not formed now, we will be treated as a second class citizens in the united state.

TNF members opine that eventhough Konda Sureka has some vote bank, it is impossible for her to win here. After the campaign TNF members felt that the voters would take a right decision and would vote for “Telangana Vadham ” and not to YSRCP which is trying to enter Telangana desperately. The villagers were sensible enough and most of them have an idea who has resigned for what reason.

Photo: TNF members interact with an elderly person at Parakala

On Second day of the campaign, the team covered villages Malkapet, Gudeppahad and appealed the villagers to vote for the “Telangana vadham” and elect the right candidate.

Team TNF also met the TRS candidate Molugoori Bikshapathi and explained him the pulse of the locals there in his village. On the way the TNF members also met Harish Rao at the TRS cadre meet.

(With inputs from Srinivas R. Bhandari)

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