Tiny hamlet, big success story

A rustic signboard welcomes people to the tiny tribal habitation — Saamya Thanda – tucked far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. With just about 150 people, the sleepy hamlet, located in Sirole village in Kuravi mandal, holds many sparkling success stories.

The hamlet has produced about a dozen doctors and over two dozen engineers and pharmaceutical scientists. IPS officer Banoth Ramesh, now superintendent of police, Bangalore, (rural) also hails from this thanda. Thanks to these achievers, Saamya thanda or Roopla thanda has earned the sobriquet, Collectors’ Thanda.”People in the thanda have been giving importance to education.

Although this tiny thanda is located in a remote corner of Warangal district, the importance of education to secure a decent position in society is not lost on village elders. The result is there for all to see. We have about three dozen people occupying important positions in life. This is a major achievement given that the population of the hamlet is only around 150,” said former IAS officer Tejawath Ramachandru Naik who retired as the district collector of Navarangpur in Odisha.

Naik, a native of the thanda, takes pride in the extraordinary achievements of the village. Dr Tejawath Jagdeeswar, the resident medical officer of the Mahbubabad area hospital in Warangal district, is another example of Roopla thanda’s envious position in the district. Jagdeeswar makes it a point to visit the hamlet regularly and hopes that the village’s legacy of producing who is who of society will continue. Ramachandru Naik’s brother Balaji Kumar is a public prosecutor.

Dr Naresh, brother of the Bangalore IPS officer, is a senior physician in Hyderabad. Eshwar, younger brother of Ramachandru Naik, is glad that the tiny habitation has now earned the epithet of Collectors’ Thanda.

Another notable feature of the hamlet is that the people here do not believe in sorcery and black magic. They visit doctors in case of any medical complaints without taking the help of local sorcerers.

Source: Times of India

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