This election will determine fate of Telangana, vote wisely: KTR in Vemulawada

BRS Working President KTR addressed the gatherings at Kathalapur, Rudrangi, and Chandurthi mandals in the Vemulawada Constituency today. KTR stated that Vemulawada would be adopted and the development works would be expedited after BRS party candidate Sri Chalmeda Lakshmi Narasimha Rao wins the election.

KTR stated that the BJP betrayed Former ZP Chairperson Tula Uma by promising Vemulawada ticket but handed over the B-form to another leader. He assured that Tula Uma will be protected and given a respectable position by the BRS party in the coming days. KTR stated that despite losing two years and bearing one lakh crore losses due to COVID-19, the development in the state continued under the leadership of CM KCR. He added that two more years went into elections and the BRS Govt properly had six and a half years to govern. He added that the BRS Govt could bring major development in the state which Congress couldn’t do in six decades.

KTR stated that KCR is the only CM in India who is giving a Rs. 2000 pension to more than four and a half lakh beedi workers in Telangana. KTR said that Congress failed to give current and water to the people in six decades and was now coming again to ask for votes. KTR rubbished the statement of TPCC Chief Revanth Reddy who said a three-hour power supply was sufficient for the farmers in Telangana to irrigate an acre of land if they could run a 10hp pump set. “These Congress leaders do not know about farming,” he said. He also asked the people if they wanted current or Congress.

“Congress leaders are bringing DK Shiva Kumar and Rahul Gandhi to fight against KCR and BJP is bringing PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Union Ministers, and over 15 Chief Ministers of different states. That is why I say this is a fight between Delhi Doras and the people of Telangana,” said KTR while addressing the people in Vemulawada.

KTR highlighted the BRS party’s manifesto – Life insurance cover of ₹5 lakhs to over 93 lakh below poverty line (BPL) families on the lines of Rythu Bima being implemented to farmers, superfine rice supply to all ration card holders under Telangana Annapurna scheme, a monthly honorarium of ₹3,000 per eligible woman under Saubhagya Laxmi scheme, increase in Asara pension money to Rs. 5000, gas cylinder for Rs. 400, Aarogyasri coverage to be increased to Rs.15 lakh. “This election will determine the fate of Telangana. Think wisely and vote,” KTR said.