These Forest Parks around Hyderabad are ideal weekend getaways

With an ambition to preserve and promote the nature around Hyderabad city, Government of Telangana has developed five beautiful urban forest parks around the city. These fully functioning parks are striking a balance between the concrete and the green cover.

Kandlakoya Oxygen park
Kandlakoya Oxygen park has been developed into a major urban lung space in the outskirts of Hyderabad, near Medchal town. Government of Telangana developed this space into a model park by installing decorative sculptures apart from the butterfly garden, a gazebo, and a yoga center. The park has visitors across age groups who come to the park and spend quality time amidst nature.

This ‘oxygen’ park also has an herbal garden within its premises with plants such as Marri, Raavi, Peltophorum, Usiri, Chinta, Bamboo, Nemalinara, and Seethaphal. With a walking-track of 2.20 kilometers and an open-air gym, the park offers a lot to the city’s fitness enthusiasts.

Here is the location of the park:

Prasanthi Vanam Park
This lush green park in Dulapally was once a dump yard and home to pigs and stray dogs. After undergoing an incredible transformation, thanks to Telangana state forest department, the Prasanthi Vanam Park is presently filled with medicinal species and flower plantations. The well maintained walking track and yoga shed has been attracting the citizens and morning walkers.

At present, the park is fully functioning and is filled with the pleasant sound of birds chirping and laughter of children. While the citizens from nearby areas are cherishing the park, the place is now a hub for a family outing for people from the city.

Here is the location of the park:

Panchavati Park
This impressively diverse park represents diversity through its medicinal plants and a variety of birds. The park is known for its Rasi, Navagraha and Nakshatra Vanams including Panchavati.

Located in the Reserve Forest Block of Rangareddy district, near Shamshabad Village, the park has a large number of peacocks and variety of birds. The park offers scenic views, during the sunrise and sunset, which attracts many tourists and localities to the park.

Here is the location of the park:

Shanthi Vanam Park
From its ornamental designing and artistic benches for visitors to the open-air gym and herbal garden, the Shanthi Vanam Park offers a lot to the citizens of Medipally and Chengicharla, in the outskirts of Hyderabad.

The park spread across 120 acres is lush with its green cover and unique plantations, and is home for Vepa, Kanuga, Rela, Nemalinara, Subabul, and many other plants.

While the children are seen busy with games in the play area, the senior citizens utilize the open-air gym and Yoga center which are developed in the park. This park is now a perfect place for nature lovers who love to spend time in the lap of mother nature.

Here is the location of the park:

Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam Park
The Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam park is an ideal place for citizens to relax and enjoy nature. The park is developed with three-kilometer cycling track, four-kilometer walking track, canopy walkway, and a yoga shed.

With special attractions such as Deer Park, Children play area, Environmental Education Centre and watchtower, the park has been providing a great experience to the citizens.

This urban lung space is located in Ghatkesar on Hyderabad-Warangal road in Medchal District. The major species available in the park are Vepa, Kanuga, Ullintha, Rela, Tani, Jana, Gumpena, Yegisa, etc.

Here is the location of the park:

Palapitta Cycling Park
In the heart of Hyderabad’s IT corridor, Telangana State Forest Development Corporation Ltd (TSFDC) has developed ‘Pala Pitta Cycling Park’, which is India’s first and only exclusive cycling zone spread over 46 acres, features two connected cycling tracks of 2.9 km length.

Named after the State Bird of Telangana ‘Pala Pitta’, this reserved forest is dedicated solely for cycling based health and recreational activities. It is situated opposite to Botanical Garden, Kothaguda.

Palapitta Cycling Park has been providing safe, healthy, and joyful cycling experiences to the residents and visitors. It has a well-designed 3 kilometers cycling track where visitors and members can either bring along their own cycle or rent one right at the park. There are many additional cycling-related facilities provided to enhance the cycling experience in the park.

Here is the location of the park:

These urban forests are now trending on suggestion lists of tourism and travel websites. If living in Hyderabad and wanting to experience the joy of nature, one must visit these parks.

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