There is no cadre for BJP and no leader for Congress: Minister Harish Rao

The BJP and Congress party leaders are stunned by the development and unable to come up with any promise to wean the public away from the ruling BRS government, said Health Minister T Harish Rao. Addressing the media persons in Medak district on Saturday, he said the BJP and Congress parties exist only in social media and their respective party offices. People of the state are unmindful of their existence.

The BJP and Congress leaders are busy criticising the state government while CM KCR was busy caring for the welfare of minorities, BCs and all weaker sections. His plans resulted in increased paddy production, improved health services and whatnot. There are lakhs of farmers who benefited from Rythu Bandhu and the farm loan waiver. There are lakhs of families that benefitted from Dalit Bandhu, BC Bandhu and Minority Bandhu now.

The Congress party is unable to find suitable candidates to field in the ensuing Assembly elections. The party is collecting money in the name of fees from the aspirants to find candidates in 30 to 40 constituencies. The BJP has no candidates who are competent enough to give a tough fight in the elections. Neither of the parties is giving any hope to people. They are unable to spell out their policies.

Mr Harish Rao said in Karnataka the Congress party made promises without any plan. After coming to power, the party went back on free electricity and rice distribution promises to the poor. It is unable to keep up its promises that are proven false now. The BRS leader cautioned people against believing the BJP and Congress leaders in Telangana. Both parties fumbled in the states where they are ruling. “How can they do wonders here? People of Telangana are with CM KCR as they saw him and his work,” Mr Harish Rao added.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao