The make believe world of our foes

By: Vijayshree Kurumilla

They tell lies and call it, History,
We tell them truth and they call it, a story.

They take money and call it, a donation
We take money and they call it, extortion.

They do illegal acts and call it, business
We do anything and they call it, larceny

They speak in different tongues and call it, as their speech
We speak with our heart and they call it, as abuse.

If their party leaders leave them, it is backstabbing
If our party leader turns traitor, they call him a hero.

They create a make believe world and think we blindly believe in it.
Our spirit must never quail, for the world created by them
Founded on lies and arrogance, will only crumble and vanish,

When they know that we have held on to our dreams steadfast and
Will not be defeated, when we have travelled this long, without letting go.

Their dark forces will be out, with all their might and all their
Evil designs unleashed and all their forces will converge on one point;
To spread chaos and fear amongst our people,
To make us believe in what they want us to believe.
We say to our foes-

‘We are masters of our own destiny and we decide our own fate,
We know the truth and your slander falls on deaf ears, so save your
Energies for a battle to come, when you cannot, escape our wrath.

The wrath of an angry Telangana, will be worse than the scorching sun,
Beware of the coming fury of a patient Telangana, it will not be spent, until
It burns all your lies, arrogance and your make believe world, into ashes.’

Jai Telangana!

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