The Centre discriminated against non-BJP states in Khelo India allocations.


The BJP-led Central government has once again exposed its biased attitude towards the states ruled by Opposition parties in the country.

Mr Modi’s government made huge allocations under Khelo India scheme that is meant for improving sports infrastructure across the country. It allocated Rs 603.37 crore to Gujarat state; Rs 503.02 crore to Uttar Pradesh state and Rs 128.52 crore to Karnataka state.

It allocated a mere Rs 33 crore to Tamilnadu; Rs 26.77 crore to West Bengal and a pittance of Rs 24.11 crore to Telangana state.

This amply shows how the Central government is treating the states not ruled by BJP and how it is diluting the federal spirit of the country.

Despite the hurdles being created by Mr Modi’s government, the Telangana government is going ahead achieving rapid development in all sectors.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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