The Centre deprives the state of its due share in grant-in-aid and share in taxes

The Telangana government budget estimation of funds from the Centre was Rs 53,000 crore but it only got a meagre sum of Rs 11,000 crore – that is just 20 percent.
The grant-in-aid estimation was Rs 41,001.73 crore and the tax share was 50 percent of the collected amount. However, the BJP-ruled states got their share.
The Gujarat state got Rs 12,650.83 crore which is 79.15 percent, Karnataka got 14,872.35 crore which is 66.75 percent and Himachal Pradesh got 57.53 percent of the grant-in-aid and tax share due to it.
The Centre is creating hurdles to the non-BJP ruled states like Telangana preventing them from borrowing from other sources. The Centre neither gives the due share nor allows the states to borrow from other parties. It was all aimed at throttling the states ruled by political parties other than BJP.
The attitude of the BJP was only to see that the Telangana government becomes unpopular by stopping the ongoing welfare schemes. However, chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao refused to budge to their coercive tactics.
It may be mentioned that Modi went on public branding the welfare schemes as freebies that should be stopped forthwith.
He is unaware of the conditions of people in Telangana who badly require government support. Mr KCR launched several well throughout welfare schemes that aimed at economic and social empowerment of all sections of the society.
It may be noted that Telangana state is the largest contributor to the GDP and it only gets a raw deal from the BJP ruled centre. Even the smaller states where the BJP was in ruling got over 35 percent of the due share in grant-in-aid and taxes whereas Telangana got only just 20 percent.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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