Telengana Mulls Extending Rs 5 Meal Programme to Agency Areas

By: V. V. Valakrishna

With the tremendous success of the `5 meal programme in GHMC limits and other areas in the state, the officials of the tribal welfare department are mulling over replicating it in the Agency areas to give a square meal to primitive tribes.

Officials are preparing the draft proposals to this effect which will be submitted for approval of the state government.

Official sources said the primitive tribes, located mostly in Mahbubnagar district, are ailing due to malnutrition and suffering from various diseases.

“We are planning to improve their health conditions by providing food at lesser price with the help of NGOs,” an official at the Tribal Welfare department told Express on Thursday.

The officials pointed out that non-availability of healthy food are responsible for the premature deaths of tribals.

“We are conducting a study on the tribals and their habits. After that we will prepare the plan and implement it from the next financial year,” official sources said.

Source: The New Indian Express

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