Telangana’s unique Dharani portal a protective shield for farmers

The Dharani portal – a digital record of the lands of farmers proved as a protective shield from the middlemen and land grabbers. Now certain leaders of the opposition are carrying out misinformation and promise to remove the portal if form government in the state. However, many farmers expressed their happiness with the portal. In the past, the land records were maintained manually where there was a scope for manipulation. Now with the digitised form, they are no such scope.

One farmer Vankayalapati Satyanarayana of Nagulavancha, Khammam district said that there was false propaganda against the Dharani. The opposition leaders are trying to trouble the farmers once again. The portal is very transparent and protective to the farmers in safeguarding the lands from land grabbers and corrupt revenue staff.

With the Dharani portal, the farmers were able to carry out registration or mutation of their lands at the mandal level rather to the district headquarters. It has many friendly features to the farmers but the Opposition leaders were unable to digest it, the farmer said.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao