‘Telangana will give us a life of self respect’

By JR Prasad

K Yadagriri, an auto driver from Manyamchalka in Nalgonda town, came to Hyderabad with his wife, 10-year old daughter and eight-year old son only to take part in the Telangana March, that was held at Necklace Road here on Sunday.

Yadagiri and his family members participated in the demonstration with much enthusiasm to extend their support for a separate Telangana state.

“We, citizens of Telangana region, are facing discrimination on every aspect. Though we belong to this very land, we are deprived of our constitutional rights. For instance, several of my brothers from Telangana, who started to Hyderabad to participate in the march, were illegally detained by the police.

Is it fair for the government to suppress our rights? Separate state will give us an opportunity to enjoy our constitutional rights and pave a way to live with selfrespect,” he said.

Like Yadagiri, people from all walks of life from Telangana region came to Necklace Road along with their family to participate in the historical march and express their aspirations for a separate state.

Farmers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, APSRTC employees, Singareni workers and students turned out in large numbers for the march.

As police created hurdles for the mass mobilisation of people in buses and lorries, several supporters came by two-wheelers to the march venue.

With the Telangana protagonists taking out rallies to reach the venue on the bank of Hussain Sagar lake, all roads leading to the lake were crowded with people on Sunday evening. The surroundings of the lake reverberated with the slogans of ‘Jai Telangana’.

The sight of police personnel at Necklace Road infuriated some students, who tried to abuse the state government and the police for the illegal detention of Telangana supporters from across the region.

Though police fired teargas shells, thousands of separate state supporters did not budge from the venue, displaying their determination to achieve Telangana statehood.

Another example of burning desire among people of Telangana for a separate state was the presence of E Pochaiah, a physically challenged person, in the march.

Pochaiah, a daily wage labourer, came from Ellanthakunta in Karimnagar district to participate in the march despite having polio-affected legs. He walked on crutches from Khairatabad to the venue, almost 4-km away. [Indian Express]

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