Telangana to overhaul education system; put in place CBSE model at inter level

As part of the Telangana government’s plans to bring about sweeping reforms in the education system, officials said it will do away with marks at the intermediate level and instead introduce a grading system from the next academic year.

The education department has decided to replicate the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) format, which utilises the grading system, saying it would boost the confi dence of students.

Speaking at a media conference, Kadiam Srihari, deputy chief minister who also holds the education portfolio, said the government is planning to implement the new system as soon as possible.

“If possible, we will introduce the new system from this academic year itself in order to reduce the level of stress and tension among students trying to score better marks. But, there is no doubt that we will have it in place in the next academic session,” he said.

Officials at the Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) said the introduction of the grading system would stop private colleges from projecting a pretty picture to lure students. In fact, the idea to implement the CBSE model had gained traction when the high court had directed the previous government to prevent private colleges from claiming top ranks for publicity purposes. It had felt that fuelling such competition can be detrimental to several students.

“Many students feel upset after getting low ranks. The new system would scrap the practice of declaring somebody as a failure, giving relief to students as well as parents,” a BIE offi cial said.

While discussing ways to reform the system, at one stage the government had thought of a proposal to publicise grades of students online while sending the marks list to their residences. However, intense lobbying by private colleges halted this proposal in its tracks.

The latest move, however, has been hailed by educationists and teachers’ associations though they fear the colleges will take some time to adopt it. “Since students are so used to the marking system, it may take a little while for colleges to implement it thoroughly. The grading system doesn’t encourage competitiveness among students,” said V Rajmahender Reddy, president, Telangana Aided Colleges Staff Association.

Some other officials opined that the grading system would decrease the pressure on students to score more marks and would keep a check on rank-hungry corporate colleges. “However, before implementation of the new system, the board should create awareness among students and parents. Otherwise, it will also meet the same fate like SSC,” said Madhusudan Reddy, president of Telangana Junior College Lecturers Association.

Meanwhile, taking ahead the Digital Telangana initiative, the government is planning to transform services in the technical and higher education departments. “Services such as submission of applications, evaluation etc. would go online in technical and the higher education department,” said Srihari.

Source: The Times of India

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