Telangana to implement remaining phases of loan waiver in a go

The Telangana government would make efforts to implement the remaining phases of its loan waiver programme in one go as part of its short term and long term measures to prevent farmers’ suicides in the state, Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao said here today.

Speaking during a debate on farmers’ issues in the Legislative Assembly, he said about Rs 8,000 crore are needed for implementing the loan waiver scheme at one go.

The state government had already implemented initial phase of loan waiver with Rs 8,336 crores.

The government is trying to mobilise funds to the tune of Rs 4,200 crore under commercial tax arrears, about Rs 3,000 crore vis-a-vis FRBM Act, sale of certain lands and through other means, he said.

Noting that supply of quality power by the government provided much needed relief to farmers, he said it would supply electricity for nine hours from March next.

Observing that Telangana has vast potential for seed development, he said the government is trying to promote it.

The government has asked the 360 seed companies in the state to adopt the diffeerent mandals for the benefit of farmers, Rao said.

The Centre gave a positive response to extend the NREGS in the state from 100 to 150 days, he said.

Observing that farmers’s suicides is the result of cumulative factors that occurred over the years, he said the government would take short term and long term measures to address the issue.

The government would promote research in agriculture and try to enhance productivity in the fields. Agronomists would be made available for farmers, he added.

He appealed to the farmers not to commit suicide.

The state government on September 11 said that 141 farmers had committed suicide and that ex-gratia was being paid to their families.



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