Telangana still in rage over Mr Modi’s remarks



Emotions are still running high with people still taking to the streets and leaders trying to fix Mr Modi demanding an apology for the second day today over his uncharitable remarks against Andhra Pradesh bifurcation process.

A group of TRS MPs sought to move a privilege motion against the Prime Minister Mr Modi accusing him of insulting the august Parliament. He made unwarranted remarks against the formation of a separate Telangana state.

While IT Minister Mr K T Rama Rao described Modi’s remarks as an insult to the crores of Telangana people and hundreds of youth who committed suicides for the cause of separate statehood, other leaders described him as an enemy of Telangana. Mr Modi was unable to stomach the progress being made by the fledgling state under the stewardship of visionary Chief Minister Mr K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Scores of the TRS party cadre took out bike rallies, burnt the effigies of Mr Modi, and chided the BJP leaders for their bias against Telangana.

Rajya Sabha floor leader of TRS Mr Keshava Rao and others expressed their anguish at the way Mr Modi harboured ill feelings against Telangana state. They described it as most unfortunate and said Prime Minister’s allegations that the bifurcation Act was passed in an unjust manner was nothing but disgraceful to the august House and to the Telangana.

Mr Rama Rao and Mr Harish Rao sought to know from Mr Modi if he had consulted the TRS state government or taken any Opposition party into consideration when he alienated seven mandals and the Sileru power project from Telangana and handed it over to Andhra Pradesh. “Did he not do it unilaterally? How come now he talks about a broad consensus on bifurcation which was already there? Is he not aware that his own party leaders are present in Rajya Sabha and supported the bill?,” they posed.

Not just the TRS party cadre and leaders, there is overall general hatred among people of Telangana over Mr Modi’s remarks and they are still in fury. They demand an unconditional public apology from Mr Modi else they vow to continue their protests.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

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