Telangana Poru Yatra – Day 10 Highlights

BJP’s Telangana Poru Yatra entered into Adilabad district on the tenth day. There was a huge gathering at Bhainsa where the first meeting of the day was held.

Kishan Reddy while speaking on the occasion said that Adilabad is the most backward district in Telangana and many tribes in the district are living a very pitiable life. He said that successive Governments have ignored these poor sections of the society. He also said that Muslims in Telangana want a separate state. They would get their due share in the development of the new state. He said MIM party is spearheading false information that Muslims are not in favor of new state. He assured that all poor Muslims would be given extra benefits in the new state of Telangana.

Desapathi Srinivas, famous Telangana singer attended the meeting at Bhainsa. Huge crowds attended the meeting and applauded to the talk of Desapathi. He said that BJP should be supported in its fight for the separate state.

Later in the day, Kishan Reddy addressed a gathering at Divarpur. Many tribals attended the meeting in huge numbers.

The yatra proceeded to Nirmal where the people of the town attended in large numbers. Kishan Reddy said that BJP has introduced lots of welfare schemes for tribes in the state of Chattisgarh. If voted to power, he said BJP will implement schemes in Telangana also to help tribes in all spheres.

Later during the day, Kishan Reddy addressed meetings at Mamada, Khanapur and Utnur. At all the places, huge crowds attended the meetings.

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