Telangana March cannot be deferred

By: J R Janumpalli

Telangana march on 30th September proposed by TJAC cannot be deferred under any circumstances. The March is an express need to expose the unconstitutional volte face of Central government in the initiation of the formation of Telangana State as declared in the Parliament on 9 December, 2009. There is an urgent need to bring this undemocratic obstinacy of the government to the notice of the entire world.Telangana people have undergone untold miseries; undertaken all kinds of peaceful, democratic, poignant agitations; gave the state and central governments several self-controlled reprieves to give them space and time for creating a congenial atmosphere for carrying forward the implementation of the declaration. But all these democratic efforts had no effect on the government.

The state government, totally dominated by the political majority of Seemandhra legislators have used every opportunity to sabotage Telangana State formation. They have used all the unfair tricks up their sleeves and transformed the issue into a war of attrition. They even corrupted Telangana legislators with their sleazy manipulations. Despite 1000 Telangana youth committing suicides for their obscurantist ways;Telangana people defeating them in all the by-elections in the region ; making the government dysfunctional and the support for Telangana swelling to hundred percent, there is no change in the xenophobia of this ‘andhra’ government. After all this experience, expecting any change of heart in these Andhra zealots is like searching for water in the mirages.

As for the Central government, their attitude and behavior on Telangana subsequent to Parliament declaration is the most abominable chapter in the parliamentary democracy of India. The UPA government has become the fiefdom of Sonia Gandhi. Sonia’s coterie are the real decision making outfit. Sonia and her coterie were enamored by the more no.of MPs from Andhra and their money bags to congress coffers. But in the follow up since December 2009 congress had lost all its by-elections in Telangana and also lost almost all its by-elections in Seemandhra area also. The administration was rendered dysfunctional in the entire state. It is all because of the unethical dithering on Telangana declaration.

The Congress party had paid for its overdo of Machiavellian maneuvers in the state. They are now facing the political compulsions of carrying forward Telangana State declaration. The bloated egos of Andhra congress honchos, who were blackmailing Sonia, are exposed in Andhra by elections. The political incompetence and servility of T-Congress are made quite clear. They had several chances to play their ‘trump card’ like role and help their high command and Telangana.But both Andhra and Telangana Congress in their own separate ways did not learn their lessons and are continuing in their backward looking mode. UPA, though have learnt their lessons are still in their typical vacillating mode and need a formidable push to act.

The state government has not understood the political compulsions of Telangana.They are still continuing its ham-handed approach and ‘head in the sand’ attitude. They will, with the help of central government try to post pone the March with the excuse of ‘Biodiversity Conference’ in Hyderabad from October 1-19.Both central and state governments have used such excuses on Telangana people and they have obliged several times to their own detriment. The government can use the false prestige of International conference tag now. But how does it matter to us?

They are making mockery of our struggle with such supercilious postponements. It would be foolhardy for us to fall prey to such gratuitous appeals now at this stage. After all Telangana is ravaged by the apathy of our own government in the last 55 years. The lives of a few generations of people are irrevocably affected. The natural resources of the region are looted by Andhra’s. The local people are not made partners in the use and maintenance of the resources. It is for the government to act. Let them announce the road map for Telangana which they were so meanly postponing and conduct the Conference grandly upholding the prestige of the nation. No body prevents it.But trying to defer it in the name of international conference to deceive us one more time is unethical and unacceptable. We should never succumb to it.

The state government as its past record proves and also chagrined by the perceived political compulsions in the center, will definitely try to suppress Telangana march. There is a need to make a wide publicity of the draconian attitude of the government, as a deterrent. There is also a need to organize solidarity marches in abroad in as many cities as possible where our TNRI presence is strong and submit protest petitions in Indian embassies and marking copies to State and Central governments.

Thus conducting Telangana march on 30th September is imperative and essential as for its timing and circumstances. It should never be deferred. It should make the UPA declare the road map of Telangana state in unequivocal terms. Otherwise it can be the fore runner of our ‘Armageddon’ for Telangana State.

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