Telangana government to plant 230 crore trees in 3 years: KCR

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao today held the previous Andhra Pradesh governments responsible for lost of forest in Telangana and announced planting of nearly 230 crore trees in the next three years in order to increase the forest cover in the state.

He also inaugurated Rs 125 crore Gudem lift irrigation scheme on Godawari river in Gudem village of Dandepally mandal this evening.

He also announced that lower Penganga project would be constructed at Tadsoli village of Yavatmal district, which would supply irrigation water to Thamsi, Jainth, Bela mandalas of Adilabad.

The Chief Minister also launched the “Telanganaku Haritha Haram” at Gudem which he said would expand the green belt in the State and increase the rainfall.

Expressing his commitment to improve green cover to 33 per cent from 24 per cent in state, he said, nearly 230 crore trees would be planted the next three years.

At least 40,000 tress would be planted in every village of Telangana, he said, adding that Telangana’s forest cover was lost due to the negligence of previous governments.

He said the reduction in forest cover not only reduced revenues, but also impact the environment.

Source: PTI

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