Failed promises and apathy: Telangana farmers left in lurch in Congress rule

Telangana farmers had high expectations from the Congress government, owing to the party’s lofty promises during the Assembly elections. But just 120 days after the Congress assumed power, it is being criticized that farmers are left to fend for themselves. The opposition parties allege that the farming community is receiving little to no support from the state government, despite drought-like conditions prevailing across the state and crops drying up.

The Congress party leaders, especially Revanth Reddy, sold false dreams to the farmers with promises such as Rs. 2 lakh farm loan waiver, Rs. 15,000 per acre Rythu Bharosa, Rs. 500 bonus for paddy and other crops to name a few. Unfortunately, shortly after Revanth Reddy assumed the CM position, it appears that the harsh reality became evident to the farming community. The farmers are now left in lurch while the Congress government is actively engaged in politics to defame the previous BRS government. 

15 lakh acres dried?

It is roughly estimated and alleged that crops in around 15 lakh acres dried up due to the incompetence of the Congress government in providing irrigation water. Lack of water supply, depletion of groundwater levels, and apathy from the government created drought-like conditions in the state. It is only after the BRS president KCR inspected the withered crops and visited farmers, the government acted and released the available water. Additionally, CM Revanth Reddy’s deliberate attempt to show the Kaleshwaram project in a bad light has further exacerbated the situation, as the government was reluctant to utilize the project to supply water for farmers and other needs.

200+ farmer deaths?

The situation is so dire that helpless farmers are either burning their crops or resorting to extreme measures such as digging numerous borewells or using water tankers to save their crops. It is reported that more than 200 farmers have died in the last 120 days, including suicides due to lack of support from the government. Despite the unprecedented crisis, the Congress government is not addressing these concerns; moreover, they are busy bulldozing those who expose the gravity of the situation.

KCR accused the government of creating the calamity in the state rather than it being a natural calamity as claimed by the Congress. While the ruling party attributes the agricultural crisis to low rainfall, the BRS highlighted that Telangana received above-normal rainfall last year.

Failed promises

Unfortunately, the government remains unmoved by the farmers’ suffering and shows no intent to fulfill its promises. Bankers are harassing farmers to repay loans as the Congress government has yet to implement the Rs. 2 lakh loan waiver. Even the Rythu Bandhu disbursement of Rs. 10,000 per acre remains incomplete, let alone Rythu Bharosa. The harvest season has arrived, yet many farmers are still awaiting financial assistance.

Furthermore, as the paddy procurement has begun, the opposition parties are pressuring the government to give a bonus Rs. 500 for paddy crop above the Minimum Support Price (MSP) as promised in the election manifesto. However, rather than announcing the bonus, it is reported that the state government is deducting around Rs. 600 per quintal from the MSP citing moisture content. 

Amid failed promises on one side and the lethargy of the Congress government on the other, the farming community in Telangana is in dire straits. Distressed farmers are openly criticizing the Congress party for its indifference towards them. The plight of the farmers has become a hot topic of discussion in Telangana ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.