Telangana BJP’s protest on unemployment, a drama

The BJP leaders’ protest led by its state unit president G Kishan Reddy turned out as a big drama as there was no response from the youth and general public. Except for the party leaders, there was no public and most of the space remained vacant for want of people. As against the permitted time up to 6 pm, the BJP leaders continued their protest. The police had to intervene but Mr Kishan Reddy and others remained unrelenting. The police were forced to lift them up and arrest them.

The party leaders said not a single notification was issued by the ruling BRS government to fill the vacancies. On the other hand, they said there was paper leakage and the government should own the responsibility. They were in utter confusion. The netizens laughed at the ignorance of the BJP leaders and faulted their accusations. They were living in another world when the notification for jobs was issued by the state government.

It is the not protest of unemployed youth but the political unemployment of the BJP leaders. They were eagerly waiting to come to power but it will remain a dream, the netizens opined. The BJP leaders forced the police to use force only to gain political mileage. The party gave a call to its cadre to organise protests all over the state as Mr Kishan Reddy’s protest was stalled.

None of the activities of the BJP are able to attract public attention and secure mileage as the leaders are expecting. The party lost its steam long ago.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao