Technology to help eliminate manual scavenging in Telangana

Telangana soon will become the first state in the country to use new technological methods in sewage management.

Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao was given a demonstration at HMWSSB head office on Sewer-Croc, a Robotic Camera System which detects blockages in pipelines and clears the same. The use of this technology will help in elimination of manual scavenging said, Minister.

Manhole sensors
Under this initiative, the Board plans to install sensors on manholes, which alert in case of overflowing and unauthorised opening of manholes lids. The sensors installed on the manholes are connected to the command control centre and disseminate information to the centre through SMS. The system generates alerts when water overflows from the manhole or when people try to open manhole lids.

Sewer line gas detection
Poisonous gases in sewer lines can be detected through this device up to a length of 30m. The device consists of several layers of filter elements including semi permeable membrane, which permits only gases and not sewage. This device is connected to a waterproof video camera that will detect entrapped gas at locations and samples of the same can be collected for analysis on ground. The device is capable of floating on water.

Gas detector module
The module consists of Non Return Valve (NRV) and filters element. NRV is embedded in the manhole lid to ensure no leakage of any gases from the manhole into the air.

The filter has the property of permitting the gases only when required and not the sewage. To assess the concentration level of poisonous gases before opening of manhole lid, the male adaptor of the gas detector module has to be connected to the gas detector for establishing the passage for the gases, which will be monitored by the hand held gas analyser.

Telangana aiming at ODF status says KTR
Minister also said, “Telangana government was now targeting at achieving Open Defecation Free plus status for the entire State.”

Emphasising on faecal sludge management, Minister mentioned that a plant was already set up at Warangal in association with ASCI. Efforts are on to have similar plants across the State.

The government is planning to set up a vertical Sewage Treatment Plants on nalas. Towards this, a pilot project will be taken up at 3.2 km at Kukatpally nala. This project will be taken up replicating Bangkok model. Idea is to reuse the treated water for industrial use at Uppal, Nacharam, Jeedimetla and other areas, he said.

Soon a team from HMWSSB will be touring Bangkok to study the operation and maintenance of vertical STPs. HMWSSB plans to use technology extensively to handle its operations effectively.

MA&UD principal secretary Arvind Kumar and HMWSSB Managing Director M. Dana Kishore were present on the occasion.

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