TDF Second Leadership Conference held in NJ

Telangana Development Forum, USA (TDF) has celebrated in a grand way the TDF Banquet Night and the 2nd Leadership Conference on July 13th and 14th, 2013 in Royal Albert Palace, Edison, New Jersey. Over 1200 people attended the conference and it was a festive atmosphere with women, children in colorful saris and dresses, and men in suites. It was like a family wedding and people were greeting each other like a family member and saying Jai Telangana. The guests Nagam Janardhan Reddy, Kadiam Srihari, V. Prakash, K. Srinivas, M. Sridhar Reddy, Prof. Rama Melkote, Janga Reddy along with poets Andhesri and Goreti Venkanna were asked to take their seats on the podium. Monika Neravetla performed the Ganesh sthuti, followed by lit the light and a 2 minute silence in memory of Amarajeevlu. The Master Ceremonies held by Krishna Prasad Jaligama (KP) and Sriram Vedire. K.P brought the audience alive by repeatedly asking everyone to say as loud as possible Jai Telangana. TDF President Murali Chinthalapani gave his remarks by answering what kind of Telangana we want after separation? He said we want an Ashoka Rajya, a samajika Telangana with dharma as advocated by king Ashoka 2230 years ago. TDF Chairman Dr. Gopal Gade gave his remarks explaining the current difficult situation. Later Mr. Upendra Chivukula, the New Jersey Assembly member was invited to join other guests.

The first speaker V. Prakash spoke about the current situation and also explained some of the allegations why KCR is targeted. Nagam Janardhan Reddy spoke if BJP come to power, Telangana will be formed immediately. He asked Telangana people support his BJP party. Kadiam Srihari said he is grateful for TDP for giving him a political life, but he could not continue in that party when students are committing suicides daily. K. Srinivas, the Chief Editor of Andhra Jyothy said how each party is positioning to win the next election than fighting for Telangana state formation. Mr. M. Sridhar Reddy, who fought for Telangana in 1969 as a student leader insisted Telangana won’t happen unless all telanganavadulu come together for 2014 elections. Prof. Rama Melkote is more interested in the development and wanted to see Telangana state is formed as soon as possible. Mr. Janga Reddy, the first BJP MP from South India asked people not to trust Congress and support BJP. The discussions were hot and people were very attentive because of the current situation back in India. In between the speeches, Andhesri and Goreti Venkanna sang Jaya Jaya he Telangana, Jayabolo telangana, Thalli telanganama and Jabbaku sanchi chethula jenda and brought the whole auditorium to vibrate.

A 20 minutes Telangana Vaibhavam dance by the students of Indira R. Dikshit and they performed Jaya Jaya Telangana dance in front of Andhesri and mesmerized the audience. Saanvi, Tushira, Pranav and Nitya sing some movie songs while dinner was taking place. Earlier Isha performed a dance and Vidya with a song to set the mood of the audience.

Board of Trustees eloquently introduced the guests and took an active role. Vishweshwar Kalavala invited Mr. Upendra Chivukula to give the TDF awards. Mr. R. Vidyasagar Rao who has retired as Central Water Commission and wrote a book ‘Neellu Nijalu’ was given a ‘Life-time achievement award’ and his older brother Dr. R. Venkateshwar Rao has received it on his behalf. The Community awards were given to Gade Laxminarsimha Reddy, BE for his posts on Telangana vimukti exposing the injustice done to Telangana, and Gopal Alankar was given for his Srikrishna committee report on behalf of TDF and his active role in raising funds for the Weaver community in Telangana. Dr. Ravinder Thota was given Entrepreneur award for his outstanding success and for his charity activities. TDF also gave a posthumous award to Late K. Anantha Reddy in the name of Prof. Jayashankar Memorial Award for his life long fight for Telangana, and his daughter appreciated TDF for recognizing his sacrifices in a faraway place. Awards were also given to all volunteers and the certificates to the Children who have performed.

The Sunday program started with TDF City-Chapter presentations. First Praveen Jonnalgadda gave presentation on Telangana Vision and how to reach different segments of society. Washington DC Chapter headed by Venkatramana and his team showed a video and also their activities here and in India. Detroit team under Praveen Kesireddy talked about their activities and will continue to bring more Telanganites together. Srinivas Kuturu spoke about Dallas chapter and their bathukamma is attended by over 5000 people. Jamuna Puskur from NJ team spoke of Tri-State Chapter activities and how they have protested Naidu’s visit in the past. San Antonia team started with 5 families for Bathukamma and now it has grown to 150 families. Jagan Bearelly spoke about TDF activities in Bayarea. Houston friends expressed lots of interest in building their City-chapter and Atlanta friends also had similar goals.

People were itching to ask questions to all the guests. Political Q&A was moderated by Hari Kasula and it was hotly discussed. All guests were challenged and how they will bring Telangana without delay. Q&A went on for 90 minutes and at times the guests were challenging each other. Next Vinay Basani explained how TDF Foundation works and encouraged people to take up their own projects to help the rural people. Vishweshwar talked about how TDF District websites were created to encourage the district people come together and help in their native villages. Dr. Bharat Neravetla gave a presentation about Medical care in Telangana and gave a pathway how to improve it. Andhesri and Goreti sang and few TDF audiences participated in chorus and made it like a Concert atmosphere.

Sravanth Poreddy thanked the Hospitality committee members for their help in making it a success. All NJ volunteers including Karteek Arutla, Karunakar Neravetla, Praveen Mitta, Raj Seelam, Ravi Puskur, Laxman Anugu and Ravinder Paddoru deserve our appreciation. TDF had a wonderful conference and asked all the politicians to work together in getting Telangana state as soon as possible.

Jai Telangana!
Chandramohan Nellutla
TDF Public Relation Committee.

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