T-Congress MLAs & MPs To Resign on 4th July

Telangana movement is all set to reach a flash point with the quick turn of events today. The Telangana Congress leaders have met at the Exhibition Grounds Hall today morning to decide on their future course of action. Coming out of the meeting, they announced their decision to resign to their posts on 4th July.

The meeting of the Congress party’s peoples representatives continued for over 3 hours where several ideas on future course of agitation were discussed. There was in-depth discussion on resignations and the proposed fast-unto-death.

Emerging out of the meeting, Panchayat Raj minister Jana Reddy announced their unanimous decision to quit their elected posts on 4th July. The decision was announced by K. Keshava Rao -Rajyasabha MP, Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy – Loksabha MP, State Minister Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, and K Yadava Reddy (MLC).

This announcement rattled the Telangana TDP forum, and its leader Errabelli Dayakar Rao announced that even TTDP forum MLAs are ready to resign on 4th July.

The twin announcements have caught both the state and central governments by surprise. There were instantaneous celebrations in several places in Telangana. People of Telangana believe that Delhi will have no other option but to create the state now.

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