Its Jai Telangana Yet Again

With clear indications from the Union government that it is planning to constitute a Regional Development Council for Telangana region and not initiate steps towards the formation of a state, the political temperature has increased in the Telangana region.

The day started with KCR issuing a stern warning in the form of a ‘humble request’ to the Prime Minister. Speaking at Prof. Jayashankar’s memory meeting held in Hyderabad, he said “I would like to humbly submit to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that it was your government which had made the promise on December 9, 2009, (on creating Telangana state). If you do any ‘hera pheri’, Telangana will not tolerate you. You will see a burning Telangana. The hearts of four crore Telangana people will burn, and you alone will be responsible for whatever happens,”

To increase pressure on the Central Government, KCR himself traveled to State Minister K Jana Reddy’s home in the evening along with TRS MLAs Etela Rajendar, KTR and Hareesh Rao. There, he held detailed discussions about the future course of action with several Telangana Congress MPs and MLAs. Sources say the KCR has assured TJAC will support all those MLAs and MPs who resign for Telangana cause.

Telangana Congress leaders are preparing for the crucial meeting on July 1 to decide on their mode of agitation. The MPs plan to organize an indefinite fast from 5th July.

On the other hand rebel TDP leader Nagama Janardhan Reddy will sit on a 2-day fast starting 2nd July demanding immediate tabling of Telangana bill in the Parliament. This act is definitely going to put pressure on Telangana TDP MLAs, who are also planning to organize protests under the Telangana TDP Forum banner.


Heavy industries minister J Geeta Reddy, who is not very forthcoming on the Telangana issue, made it clear on Tuesday that nothing short of statehood to Telangana would be acceptable to the people of the region. She said she would not hesitate to resign if the Telangana Congress leaders’ meeting on July 1 decided that they should quit.

In an interesting development Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Raja Narasimha clarified that he has never said that he is okay to the Telangana Regional Council plan. Yesterday, several Seemandhra newspapers had published banner stories that the Deputy CM has okayed the Council plan.

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