Suraksha Day showcases the progress made by Telangana police

A caravan of vehicles belonging to various wings of the police department drew the attention of passersby and they looked in awe as they got to see all at time. As part of the ongoing decennial celebrations of Telangana state formation, Suraksha Day was celebrated by the police department. The department paraded the vehicles used for patrolling, blue colts, traffic, and those with water canons among others. The processions taken out by the police department across the state featured the highlights of the department and achievements made during the last nine years in separate Telangana state.

DGP Mr Anjani Kumar said there was tremendous progress in the police department. The staff of nearly 40,000 has gone up to 90,000 almost doubled up. New technology was introduced making the police duties more ease. The addition of infrastructure was phenomenal – Command Control Centre in Hyderabad, new district police offices equipped with all modern facilities, new vehicles, computers and whatnot.

New police stations were added, and new wings such as cyber crimes and narcotics wings were created. New circles and zones were created thus making the police omnipresent. “The Telangana police is ranked first in the country in all terms and several agencies including the one in the USA name Hyderabad as the safest city,” the DGP pointed out. Meanwhile, on Monday, the electricity department is celebrating its achievements as part of the state formation day celebrations.

By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao