State Government Registers Photonics Valley Corporation

The state government on Wednesday registered a non-profit company, Photonics Valley Corporation to carry out activities of the Photonics Valley.

The board of directors of the proposed corporation will be chief secretary (chairman), director, IIT, Hyderabad (director), director, RCI (director), VC&MD, TSIIC (director), Secretary, IT,E&C department (director) and the chief executive officer, Photonics Valley Corporation (director & member convener).

Orders to this effect were issued on Wednesday. The industrial policy envisages transforming the state as a destination for global technological discourses. As a part of this, the government is facilitating a world-class ecosystem to promote the paradigm of photonics, an alternative computing paradigm capable of transforming present day chip technology. This is in consonance with cyber security policy-2013 and Digital India Vision of the Central government.

Photonics is the revolutionary technology that has the potential to increase processing speed at significantly lower power consumption levels, while drastically reducing the capital cost of fabrication creating a paradigm shift. In order to capture the opportunities offered by photonics, the state government entered into an MoU with Photonic Corporation on February 14.

Photonics is one of the future technology alternatives envisaging the development of computer chips that work on a medium of silicon circuitry and light pulses and is said to be capable of processing big data in light speed.

Source: The New Indian Express

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