State government efforts to save the sinking TSRTC, the largest public transport in Telangana.


The ruling TRS government has decided to save the TSRTC for the sake of the public.

The management has decided to increase the bus fare by 25 paise per kilometer in ordinary service and 30 paise in other services.

This is expected to bail out the RTC from losses that are to the tune Rs 1500 crore.

The RTC busses travel 33 lakh kilometres daily operating 561 services and making 1930 trips.

The competition from private operators, autos and increased fuel prices badly affected the once mighty and only service for the majority of the public.

RTC chairman B Govardhan Reddy and managing director VC Sajjanar said they had no option but to revise the fares that are due for a long time.

Chief minister Mr KCR showered sops on employees and increased their salaries to great extent. However there is a mismatch between income and expenditure of the corporation. With the latest decision, it is expected to do well to some extent.


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