Somersaults of Seemandhra Politicians

By: JR Janumpalli

We all know that it is Congress party which is the root cause of Telangana angst. It has also stoked the fire for this present very long episode of Telangana ‘udyamam’ in 2004. A lot of water has flown under ‘Purana Pool’ since then and many momentous events have taken place. The latest being CWC and UPA decisions to form separate state of Telangana.It is the usual practice of Congress party to make the most self-absorbing exercises of its decisions often resulting in random results. It has demonstrated it most tellingly in the last more than 3 years after 9 December 2009 with calamitous consequences to the party. Congress Party is sounding very strong this time on taking forward its Telangana state decision.Yet,the appointing of Anthony committee; dragging its feet in throwing the ball in to the court of Central Cabinet; taking Telangana Bill beyond the present monsoon session of Parliament —- these events are creating a concern in the minds of Telangana people.

Meanwhile the political parties of Andhra Congress, TDP and YSRCP have come around to exhibit their true colors. The CWC and UPA decision in favor of Telangana State have triggered them to make the political somersaults for keeping the state united brushing aside their earlier make believe statements. The CM, the PCC chief and the state and central Andhra ministers have turned against their own ‘adhishtanam’. They in a tacit cooperation with YSRCP and TDP rekindled samaikyandhra agitation. And managed to postpone cabinet note and introduction of the state bill in this present parliament session with intent to block Telangana legislation with filibuster. The dodgy political pranks of CM and the central ministers have made the congress party to appoint Anthony committee to hear their demands ‘de novo’ as if the hearing in the last four years was not enough. They are engaged in making their often repeated, obdurate and obfuscating demands before the committee at a leisurely pace. But on the other side curiously enough, our T- Congress legislators are acting strange .They on their part, are exulting at the CWC resolution as if already Telangana has come in to existence and are trying to give an impression that they are the sole patent holders for it. They are also prepared to grant many concessions in their eagerness to share power in 2014.An attempt is being made in the name of giving Telangana State to grant many specious allowances to seemandhra which can adversely affect the interests of Telangana.

But ever the incurable obscurantists, the Seemandhra politicians of all parties have joined hands to queer the pitch for Telangana state formation. They are trying to roll back the CWC resolution or prolong the process as far as possible. The TDP and Andhra congress are working on BJP via Venkayya Naidu to water down its support for Telangana Bill in the Parliament.Thier game plan seems to be to push Telangana issue till the end of this government’s tenure and manage to defeat the bill in the end with the support of BJP if possible. The seemandhra lobby is doing everything in this direction and the change in the attitude of BJP since Modi’s visit to Hyderabad is discernible and causes anxiety. It may not happen if we go by BJP’s assurances. If it happens the credibility of BJP which is proclaiming to be different from Congress may take a severe beating. But, we never know what happens in Indian politics depending on the exigency at a particular point of time. TDP and Andhra congress are notorious for such unscrupulous stratagems and are the country’s leading lobbyists in that kind of politics. Let us hope that BJP will not stoop to such low levels after such a vociferous support to Telangana state all along.

In this backdrop Congress party has to act with some alacrity and firmness if it has to ground Telangana state by December, 2013. Sonia Gandhi’s reference to another government Committee if it is other than the regular cabinet sub-committee it is going to delay the process further and will be increasing the odds against Telangana State. Andhra congress in cahoots with TDP and YSRCP and BJP (!?) will do everything in its power to pip Congress Party at the post. If they succeed it will be a definite death for Congress in Telangana. TDP and YSRCP parties will make further inroads in to already weak congress in seemandhra and may decimate it completely. It would be a no-win situation in both the regions for congress party.

Therefore it is imperative for Congress highcommand to hasten the process of formation of Telangana state to check mate marauding Andhra political parties. It will also stop the undemocratic ‘samaikyandra’ demonstrations promoted by proxy by the partisan ‘andhra’ government, which are creating an unhealthy and cantankerous situation in the state in general and in Hyderabad in particular. Since the all-important Food bill and Land compensation Bills for congress are out of the way with their passing in Loksabha, Congress can afford to speed up Telangana process. If not, to put up the Bill proper, which is all the more desirable, it will be able to get the cabinet note prepared and get the approval of the President on the formation of Telangana state by the end of this Parliament session. It can be like reaching another very important milestone. The burgeoning disturbances in seemsndhra can be contained. Congress Party would be at the striking distance of completing the rest of the process by December 2013.If not, and postpone the whole process to the next session Congress party would be walking on thin ice. After all Andhra political parties including its own Andhra congress have nothing to lose. BJP has not much in stake in the state. As the time goes by, BJP’s recent ambivalence might grow in proportion.

Paradoxically Sonia Gandhi who was maintaining a stoic silence and holding Telangana state formation at bay during the last 4years has become the driving force behind Telangana state now, for obvious reasons. She was misled by Andhra Congress and her coterie during that period and has badly messed up the things for the party. Even now also Andhra congress is still continuing its unscrupulous opposition to Telangana state. Members of her coterie who were hitherto advising her against the ground realities are still halfhearted and can slide back to their old approach if Sonia Gandhi shows any relent in her resolve. Therefore it all depends on the determination and dexterity of Sonia Gandhi to reach the finish line of the marathon of Telangana State in 2013. Let us hope that Telangana which was so badly jinxed in Indian Union all these years will get lucky this time to get its real political freedom. Telangana people cannot afford to be complacent. They should continue to fight hard to get Telangana state in 2013 and against the bartering away of Hyderabad city.

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