Some are born for a purpose…So is KCR!


Our ancient scriptures say that one needs a decade or more to master anything or achieve a goal in life.

It took 14 years to Mr KCR to achieve his objective of securing separate statehood to Telangana region. People believe in him and this is proved when majority of 3.5 crore population gave him mandate to rule the state for the second consecutive term.
Unlike many rulers or public representatives, Mr KCR proved himself. Many rulers grow in wealth and arrogance. Mr KCR cultivated more humility, and compassion and hence people still believe even after 20 years of his sole journey founding the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). Many joined him and fell out but he did not turn back.
When this correspondent interacted with some elite, they said that Mr KCR is a gifted man. “Mr KCR has gift of gab, voracious reading habit, pin pointed observation and above all compassion. He is born for a purpose, the purpose of securing statehood to Telangana and lifting up the downtrodden,” observed noted litterateur Mr K Damodar Rao.
Today after seven years of TRS ruling of Telangana state, one can find people in remote god forsaken habitations on the fringes of forests getting some help both in kind and cash from the state government.
Earning faith of people is not an easy task. A 20 year journey that achieved many milestones calls for a celebration. The grand plenary being held today at Hyderabad and a planned massive public meeting `Vijaya Garjana’ next month at Warangal are to celebrate the long and arduous journey of Mr KCR and his TRS party.


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