Sircilla government hospital records more normal deliveries.


The government hospital at Sircilla is inching slowly towards achieving cent percent normal deliveries. To date, it has crossed 60 percent.


With the intervention of IT Minister Mr K T Rama Rao and officials, cesarean operations are being discouraged here and this year the normal deliveries accounted for 60.07 percent of the total 346. A total of 125 C-sections were done.


The doctors and nurses at the hospital said soon they would cross the 80 percent mark.


Besides creating awareness on normal deliveries, the nurses were conducting special aerobic exercises for the pregnant woman to enable them to have normal delivery of babies.


Hospital superintendent Dr Muralidhar Rao said they were explaining to women about the ill effects of cesarean operations and how they could avoid them with regular check-ups.


The Sircilla hospital was fully equipped with all modern facilities, a newborn care unit, and a nutritional rehabilitation centre as well. A round-the-clock help centre with a toll-free number 90305 66108 was set up. It will be monitored by two well-qualified nurses who completed their B Sc (Nursing).


Meanwhile, the district collector Mr Anurag Jayathi got an eight-minute video film produced and asked the I&PR department to play it to benefit as many people as possible across the district to create awareness on the ill effects of cesarean operations.


It may be noted that it has become a trend these days that family members or women choose a particular time to deliver a baby. They are influenced by the astrologers who decide the proper time so that the newborn will have a bright future which is a bad tendency.


By Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao


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