Seemandhra’s perverse opposition to T-Bill

By: J R Janumpalli

Telangana state declaration made in parliament on 9 December 2009 gets its stamp of approval by Union cabinet on 5th December after an agonizing journey of 4 years. The Bill had to crawl through most testing circumstances in the creation of new states in independent India. There were extenuating circumstances in the division of Bombay and Punjab states also, but the range and content of the diabolic drama enacted by Seemandhra politicians ably assisted by their no holds barred electronic and print media, makes them look small before it. They were able to blackmail and hold Congress Party hostage to their vested interests, for four long years, with their political gamesmanship. But, the relentless struggle and determination of Telangana people, have worn thin the power of Andhra Congress and TDP parties. The upstart the YSRCP was also shown its place. Ultimately no choice was left for National Congress except taking a decision for granting statehood to Telangana.

In these four years, the domineering attitude of Seemandhra vis-à-vis Telangana is exposed threadbare to the outside world. Their ‘Samaikyandhra’ slogan, a euphemism for Andhra chauvinism, which tried to make Telangana ethos subservient to Andhra hegemony in the name of Telugu identity, did not find any takers in Telangana.

Telangana cause has come to the attention of the entire nation. Telangana State has acquired overwhelming support among national parties in Parliament. It is a very important political issue in the ensuing winter Parliament session for both UPA and NDA. It has now become a challenge to Congress Party to pedal the bill through the parliament successfully with in the short time available and for BJP to keep its promise of supporting the Bill unsullied, because of the onslaught of the formidable Seemandhra political- mafia in opposing it. The Seemandhras, even after Cabinet decision for T-State, have raised several superfluous bogeys in delaying the appointment of GOM and functioning of the GOM. After the GOM made its recommendations and the cabinet approved them, they are now making it to appear like an enormous injustice to them and making a big hue and cry about it. Presently, as a last resort, they are scheming to tarnish the T-Bill in the assembly and defeat the Bill in Parliament, if they can.

Constitutionally, a state division, among other things, is to provide justice to minority group suffering from the tyranny of majority. In this particular case of Telangana, it is more so because of the organized exploitation of Telangana resources after merger in the last 57 years, which is so clearly articulated and chronicled. It is Telangana which needs Central assistance for the reconstruction of Telangana which is irreparably ravaged in the united state. Dividing state under Article 3 is only to give a chance to the aggrieved minority group or area to realize its own democratic rights in the union of India, which were otherwise denied to them. It is not an exercise to address all the development needs on both sides of the divide, more so the trumped up needs of majority. It is not possible to identify and to make a blue print and solve them as part of this political process once for all. There are other provisions, laws and forums in Indian democracy, to take care of these things at appropriate time under appropriate circumstances. It is not fair for Seemandhras to get all the wish list granted as a ‘quid pro quo’ for division of state, in addition to robbing lakhs of crores of rupees worth resources during the last 57 years.

In fact, Seemandhra politicians made GOM and UPA inordinately delay the proceedings in this matter with their obscurantist wish list. The list is examined and reexamined by GOM several times over and could not find reasons to grant many of their wishes. Some of the wishes granted like Polavaram Project, 10 year long incongruous common capital, handing over law and order in Hyderabad city to Governor, share in educational and employment facilities etc. are all, out of the way grants to Seemandhra, which are subject to scrutiny and clearly an infringement on the rights of Telangana people. While the situation is like this, Seemandhra’s crying as if the division of the state is causing a catastrophe to them is beyond comprehension.

All the Seemandhra political outfits after failing in their ‘cry wolf’shenanigans are now bellowing to pass a resolution in the Assembly against the bill with their brute political majority. Although it is not required as per article 3, they want to do it, just to throw a spanner in the wheel and put pressure on President of India not to forward the same to Central Cabinet to take it into Parliament for its passage. They want Central government to follow the conventions in creating the three new states in 2000.But, as is their won’t they wish to follow the things in their own skewered ways. In those three divisions, the majority stake holders though they have opposed the division vehemently in the beginning, at the end, when they saw the writing on the wall that division is going to take place they had gracefully accepted the decision of the central government and passed a resolution paving the way for amicable division. Thus they have showed respect to a democratic process in the constitution of India and preserved the bridges between the resultant states to live with good neighborly relations as Indians.

Here the Seemandhras want to follow the convention in the reverse order to stop the legitimate division of the state, to keep Telangana under their yoke for ever.They think in a perverted way, that it is their right and the right thing to do. It is not only the Seemandhra legislators, but their literati, intelligentsia, media et al are making a big brouhaha about it, exhibiting their lopsided democratic values and unabashed selfcenteredness. The Andhra political parties like TDP and YSRCP are canvassing with national parties to block T-Bill in the Parliament. The Andhra Congress Central ministers and MPs are also conspiring to block or defeat the T-Bill in the parliament either by resigning from their posts or voting against it. They are even scheming to topple their own government just to stop Telangana state formation.They are also hoping that Congress Party will send the T-Bill on to the back burner because of the setback in the 4 state assembly elections.

Such a deleterious negative attitude of the people of one region on the aspirations of the people of another region, who were the victims of their discrimination,should not succeed for long in a democratic environment. It is going on for the last 57 years, because of brutal numerical majority of Seemandhras and their perverse politics. The only hope for Telangana now is article 3 of Indian constitution. By hindsight it appears, as if the founding fathers of our constitution fore saw the plight of Telangana people while formulating the article.It does not behove well for the largest democracy in the world to put up with such undemocratic subjugation of Telangana people by Seemandhras.There was no situation more suitable than Telangana to use article 3 in the creation of new states in independent India.The time has arrived now. Both UPA and NDA have to take a non-remitting positive call on Telangana in the present Parliament. The spirit of Indian Constitution should prevail to give at last a real freedom to Telangana people from the tyranny of majority of Seemandhras inside Indian democracy.


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